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Halloween Spooktacular 2016: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Monday, 17 October 2016 · By: Jessica Feeney (Little Miss Horror Nerd)

I met Jessica (not in person, yet, but online) approximately three to four years ago, and I have to say: I would not be here today writing if it wasn't for her. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things horror (old-school and new-age!) but how she inspired me most was that she is a woman who has such a strong presence in the horror podcasting community. Honestly, I can only name a few off the top of my head that really put themselves out there, and this chickie is one of the best. She is not afraid to voice her opinion, and the relationship she shares with her co-host of The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Podcast is one that you'll be lucky to find in a lifetime. Little Miss Horror Nerd manages several Facebook pages and groups on her own, and definitely keeps her presence alive and strong as ever in the horror community. She is always on top of all of the latest horror news (as I'm sure you are already aware, after listening to a few episodes of the podcast) as well as always writing creatively thought-out blog posts for Thanks, Jessica, for always inspiring me to keep horror alive! - Channy Dreadful



I don't hate any of the Halloween sequels. (Although I was pretty pissed the first time I saw Part III. Um, hello!? Where the hell was Michael Myers!? I had no idea what I was in for when I rented this movie.) That said, my favorite sequel is Part VI. Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers was the only Halloween film I've ever seen in the theater. Halloween 6 brings back the characters of Tommy Doyle, Jamie Lloyd, and Dr. Loomis. However, it is a departure from Parts I, II, IV, and V. It attempts to explain why Michael Myers kills, and why he is immortal, by expanding on a mystical symbol first shown in Part V. The Curse of Thorn is the Celtic curse that drove him to murder his family members and anyone else in his way. Once his entire family was dead, the curse was supposed to be passed on to another child -- possible targets including Jamie's baby or Danny Strode.


This script was actually written by a fan: Daniel Farrands. Unfortunately, the script suffered through so many drafts and reshoots (some of which occurred after Donald Pleasence's death) that what we end up with is disjointed and not quite fluid. Even though the concept was not a success, I do think it made for a much darker take on the story. The story, paired with the cinematography, made for a very creepy and frightening film. This film was also far more brutal and violent than any other of the sequels -- even with cuts. The darkness and brutality of Rob Zombie’s remake are reminiscent of this film… thankfully, Part VI isn't loaded with white trash!


There a quite a few reasons this is my favorite sequel. For one, this is Paul Rudd's first film and Donald's last. I love the cinematography, the brutality, the extra gore and the feeling that Michael has moved up a few rungs on the monster level. The deaths in this film are very effective as well. The mother who is axed between the sheets on the clothesline in daylight, though no one seems to be around. Kara witnessing her brother's girlfriend be murdered from the window was very disturbing. The plot may have problems, but I've always thought this film perfectly captured the scare factor. Oh -- and that Mrs. Blankenship was so creepy!


One final thought: I wonder if we would have got something a lot better than Resurrection had Donald Pleasence been alive to participate…?


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  1. For me, this is the worst Halloween- I'd rather watch Season of the Witch twice than this once. But it did teach me a valuable lesson: If you try to kill a baby in Haddonfield, Ant-Man will go all whack-a-mole on your ass with a fake pipe.

    Charles Scott Mon, 31 Oct 2016

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