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Halloween Spooktacular 2016: Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Friday, 21 October 2016 · By: Bloody Brodie

Welcome to another segment of Dreadful Reviews Halloween Spooktacular 2016! We have taken you on a journey thus far through the ins and the outs, the goods and the bads, the Pleasence and the not so pleasant of the Halloween franchise. Today discussing Halloween: Resurrection is none other than our ghost host with the most, Bloody Brodie! - Channy Dreadful

Comedy, Horror Thriller

Director: Rick Rosenthal

Writers: Larry Brand, Sean Hood


Welcome to Bloody Brodie’s review of Halloween: Resurrection. In this review, there will be no actors. Everything you read will be… well, I guess it will be fake, because everything I cover will be about a fictional movie. And I guess there will be also actors. So yeah. I lied. So what?


Let me introduce you to our bright and shining stars of the movie! Reprising her role as Laurie Strode we’ve got the famous scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, and for his first time we’ve got Brad Loree playing the infamous slasher that we all love, Michael Myers! Now I would like to introduce to you the verse-spitting Busta Rhymes (yep, the rapper), Bianca Kajlich, Sean Patrick Thomas, Daisy McCrackin, Katee Sackhoff (yep), Luke Kirby, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Ryan Barton, Tyra Banks (once again, yep -- you’re not reading this wrong), Billy Kay, and no one else important. I mean, you can’t expect me to tell you every time some random Kyle Labine plays Teen Party Guy or Jason McKinnon stars as the uncredited Boyfriend.

Whew. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me explain Halloween: Resurrection. This movie is about Freddie Harris (my man Busta) who is making a live web-show which airs on October 31st about six college kids trapped in Michael’s childhood home. They must go throughout the house to try to figure out what made Michael snap. As they do this, they get picked off one by one by the cunning and evil Shape himself, while Sara (Bianca Kajlich) chats with an online friend known only as Deckard as her outside eyes and only source of help.


Now, I’ve never really thought of Halloween being shoehorned into the horror-comedy genre, but it is what it is and we’ll just have to deal with it. As much as I liked the beginning of the movie with the continuation from the previous chapter, I feel the only reason for the beginning was to reintroduce Laurie Strode and to kill off some fodder. It was really only there to quickly connect this movie to the previous one and conclude what happened after H20. Quite honestly, if you had cut that beginning out, this could be a standalone film. It gets me wondering: maybe instead of cutting out the beginning, which was interesting, maybe they should have cut out the rest of the movie. We could have a movie about the aftermath of the events of the very beginning instead of just brushing past it as a obligatory tie-in before continuing on with their vision. Just a thought.  I honestly think that if the beginning of the movie and the rest of the movie were two different films (one being a Halloween movie, and the other being its own standalone movie) they would work on their own, but putting them together into one just does not work. I am also not too sure about Halloween being done up as a hor-com. It was entertaining, but it did not really feel like a Halloween movie. Halloweens are supposed to be creepy.

I don’t know exactly how I feel about the live webcam show with the students going throughout Michael’s childhood house. It is a good idea, I think, for a horror movie or a horror comedy, and would also be pretty cool for a found-footage type of movie. Maybe not such a good idea for a Halloween movie. I understand it might feel kind of refreshing giving Halloween a new kinda feel and such, but you’ve got people messing around with Michael’s backstory and mythology. Then again, this is a good way to mess around with his backstory without actually changing anything, because it is stated that most of everything in the house is rigged by Freddie.


At one point, Freddie even dresses up as Michael and walks throughout the house to try to scare the kids. I actually really liked this, because then throughout the movie when you see Michael you can’t tell who it really is actually under that mask, and you don’t get to find out until it is a bit too late. It leaves you feeling uncertain and worried for the worst. Also the very beginning of the movie with Laurie and the H20 flashbacks were really cool, and was not overdone like a lot of other horror flashbacks tend to do. It was quick, told you what you wanted to know, and was a good refresher considering that the start of this movie continued from the previous one. This movie was decidedly more ballsy in my opinion, but I can’t spoil what in particular I’m referring to. If you’ve seen it, you should know. While I can’t say I agree with it, I can say that I understand it.


The movie as a whole had me interested and compelled to keep watching and was still pretty interesting. That’s what a movie is supposed to do, so I’ll give them that. However, the fact that most of the pros I had with this movie were within the first few minutes (and most of the cons were the rest of the movie) I will have to give Halloween: Resurrection a 3 (Editor’s note: REDACTED FOR SPOILERS)s out of 10.

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  1. I did not see that actually. I am going to have to look for those a different scenes to see what they did with that. That would be really interesting to see.

    — Bloody Brodie Thu, 27 Oct 2016

  2. Did you ever see the other version of this movie i used to have a bootleg of it on VHS it was titled Halloween home coming totally different opening scene that didn't feature Jamie lee Curtis at all after that everything was the same except for the last couple minutes which had again a different end

    — Bill Fri, 21 Oct 2016

  3. This is the second worst movie in the franchise- after 6- and it's our second with a superhero, because apparently Sara is Black Canary screaming and breaking glass and popping eardrums. Busta Rhymes is a funny guy, but it's pretty obvious he ad-libbed all his lines. This could have been any crappy slasher flick from 1990 on. It's a shame they had to drag Michael Myers into it. Luckily Rob Zombie is lurking in the shadows, waiting to make Halloween scary again.

    Charles Scott Mon, 31 Oct 2016

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