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Halloween Spooktacular 2016: 5 Clever Candy Sacks to Match Your Costume

Monday, 31 October 2016 · By: Bloody Brodie

Have you ever dressed up in your Halloween outfit and thought ‘damn, I look pretty cool!’ before grabbing your pillowcase or trick-or-treat bucket and realizing it clashes and ruins your sick costume? Well fear not, dear readers, because I have some costume suggestions that have a candy sack that conveniently goes with your costume for you or your children!



1.) First off, let’s start with the pirate. Most pirate costumes don’t have sacks that come along with them, as no one really thinks of pirates having sacks in the first place. But just think about it: pirates are thieves, and they would pillage the lands. How on earth would they transfer their goods from land to ship? Of course they have ratty, beat-up burlap sacks and satchels, filled to the brim with silver and gold! So put on your eyepatch, nock that hook on your hand, tear up those capris, unbutton that loose dirty white shirt of yours and grab the ugliest sack you’ve got. Whenever someone asks you what the sack is for, just stuff it with their silverware and ship off.


2.) Next up we have the infamous bank robber. If you think you’re not cool enough to rock a pirate (but still want to steal things in a more modern fashion) I would suggest the clichèd bank robber. Same thing with the pirate, except you’re dressed up a bit cleaner, have a black domino mask around your eyes, and a sack with a big green dollar sign (or other currency - we don’t discriminate) on it. This one is a bit easier to do. Depending on how greedy of a robber you are, you can get a bigger or smaller sack. Also, some robber costumes come with prop sacks! It’s made to be!


3.) This third one is a bit festive: Santa Claus. Now, let’s be clear: I’m not too sure Nick would be too pleased with you dressing up as him on a day meant for creepiness. Also, Christmas isn't too far off from Halloween anyway, so if you are going to do this (even if you plan to spice it up as a zombie Santa) then you are going to have to plan some pretty good deeds to get back onto the Nice List in time for Christmas. I digress. You might be thinking ‘Santa, Bloody B? Are you kidding me? It’s Halloween! That’s for Christmas!’ Bear with me. If you think about it, it is still a costume. If you are the type to wear a breathalyzer costume with the hose by your crotch, then why not change it up and wear this ironically? If you wear this to a party you will know for a fact you will be the only one there with this costume. Santa has a toy sack. Boom.


4.) If you can actually convince someone to wear that Santa costume, you could go as a pair as Krampus. However, I’d suggest to not tell them you’re going as Krampus until the day of, or else you’re going to get into a fight over who is going as Santa. Let’s face it. Krampus is the cooler costume out of the two. If you do not have a Santa with you, screw it! Krampus is cool on his own, with really interesting lore behind him. He also has a convenient (and menacing) sack that goes with his costume! It’s perfect. Even though this is also Christmas-related, it is at least scary. And -- I cannot stress this enough -- it has a pre-built-in sack to carry the people on the naughty list! Or candy, I guess.


5.) Last, but not least, you could dress up as the Big Bad Wolf as Granny. Now you would not necessarily have a sack, but you could definitely carry around Little Red’s wicker lunch basket. It is not as big as a sack as some of these other options, but if you are just accompanying a young child out you won't need that much room. On the plus side, if you are going to a party you won't have to carry around a huge prop everywhere. With this you can also make your costume sexy (--or, as sexy as a wolf granny can be. The challenge is on!), you can make it creepy, you can make it just plain and kind of ironically stupidly funny. If you are going as a couple, this is perfect because your girlfriend/boyfriend can go as Little Red Riding Hood, and they could carry the basket. Come on! Do people really pay much attention to gender around Halloween these days? This is 2016. Anyone can be anything. I was a cavewoman one year! If it’s a couple’s costume then you guys can constantly go back and forth to the snack table, load up and munch all night and no one will ever know. Or you could even hide any booze or any other party tricks you may be bringing to the party in those baskets as well. It works on so many levels!


I would like to shout out to some honorary mentions that did not make it on my list like Cooking Mama who could carry around a sack of flour, or the Grinch who could bring a toy sack. If you can think of any other crazy costumes with convenient sacks, please let me know! This is a topic we are very passionate about here at Dreadful Reviews and we would like to know.

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  1. A coroner with a body bag.

    Charles Scott Mon, 31 Oct 2016

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    Charles Scott Tue, 1 Nov 2016

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