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SDCC 2016 Horror Highlights

Monday, 25 July 2016 · By: Mr. Universe

As you may or (if you’re living under a large collection of rocks) may not know, the 2016 San Diego Comic Convention was this past weekend. Dammit, you missed it yet another year. Not to fret -- here are some of our favourite horror highlights, moments and reveals to keep you in the loop!







Are you a fan of Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s The Strain TV series? This weekend proved to be a tasty one for you Munchers with a sneak-peek of the upcoming third (and shortened) season, rebranding and a backstory for the in-show vampires (--or should I say strigoi now?), new love interests teased, and of course a fun little spoof rap video which can be viewed here.




The Teen Wolf panel was overshadowed by the grim news that this upcoming sixth season would be the last. What else is there to say after that? Aside from some fun with the cast, we did learn a couple secrets – like the fact that Stiles’ first name will be revealed near the end of this season.




Sick of horror TV yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so. At the panel for the upcoming Syfy show Van Helsing, we got an exclusive first look at the legendary vampire hunter’s show!




Love it or hate it, Rocky Horror is getting a remake and they showed off the first 25 minutes at SDCC. Take a jump to the left, a step to the right, and keep an eye out for this two-hour FOX special October 20th!




In the middle of the second season break, the show presented a panel in style and introduced a new cast member: Danay Garcia. There’s also a brand-new comic-con exclusive trailer




No, we didn’t find out who Negan offed. But we did get a brand-new Season 7 trailer with potential clues! We also got our first look at a comic favourite -- Khary Payton’s King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva.





The Once Upon A Time creators are slipping on their retro aviators with this brand-new ‘80s teen summer camp horror thriller TV show. Billed as ‘John Hughes meets The Shining’ with ‘characters you love dropping left and right’, viewers got a first-look at this show as well as a sit-down with the cast.




Fans got quite a shock this weekend when pop legend Rihanna announced she will be joining the show for the fifth and final season as the protagonist of the Psycho film, Marion Crane. If that’s not enough, the show-runners also revealed she was part of the plan and first choice since Season 1! We’ll have to wait until early 2017 to see how this interesting casting choice pans out.




The witch is back! Just prior to their panel, Salem released the trailer for its upcoming third season and you can watch it here!




Television’s only rom-com-zom-dram (hold your applause, I didn’t coin that) made quite a splash this weekend, revealing that Blaine’s father is back for a limited arc. Daddy issues! Also teased: A Law and Order parody episode, Liv the dominatrix, and unfortunately no musical episode in the works.




Four decades after the horror classic, fans got a full screening of the first episode of this upcoming FOX TV series!




What do Seth Rogen and horror have in common? Go back and read the sub-header. This comic-based gory AMC horror TV show announced they have been renewed for a second season after doing a live-reading of the first episode. We also got a trailer! Blam!




The queens and the screams are back for a second season, along with new cast members, a time-jump and a change of scenery. John Stamos, Taylor Lautner and Cecily Strong, oh my!




Less than a week away, fans got a sneak preview of Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. It looks like Tara Reid is back (again?!), and the Star Wars tie-ins don’t stop with the film’s punny title!




At SDCC for their final year, the cast of The Vampire Diaries showed a preview of the upcoming 8th season and teased: ‘get ready to meet evil herself.’ Also, every episode title this season will be an iconic line of dialogue from each previous season. How cool is that?




Robert Kirkman’s Outcast definitely had a demonic presence this weekend, with a new trailer and that claims ‘darkness is spreading’.




It’s coming back, baby! The show-runners introduced new cast member Lee Majors as Ash Williams’ father, as well as a discussion of where our characters start off the second season and the promise of ‘the craziest fight scene ever.’ Also, a new trailer and a screening of the first episode! 




Last for film, but certainly not least, I am very excited to announce that 17 years later The Blair Witch Project is receiving an official sequel! Originally titled The Woods (to throw fans off the scent,) this film continues on from where the original film left off. Heather Donahue's younger brother heads out on an expedition in search of his long-lost sister in the forest where she had last been seen. To see more of what this film has in store you can watch the offical trailer here!





Alien had a 30th year anniversary this year, with the cast returning for a reunion panel! The ‘Reinventing Horror’ panel combined a group of talented horror film and comic creators to discuss what scares them and how to push the fright envelope. Definitely worth watching online! Also, check out ‘The Gay Agenda in Horror: Terrifying Subtext’ for the queer perspective on your favourite genre. The Final Girls also had an appearance, with the cast and creators discussing the past, present and future of horror cult-classics and midnight movies! The Supernatural cast also had a minor panel, showing off highlight reels and what to look forward to, while American Horror Story had but a minor presence with no details on the upcoming sixth season, besides a tease of a potential hospital theme.






While the show has veered from the source quite a bit, The Walking Dead comics are still going strong and approaching issue #160. Though the panel was more entertaining than informative, we did learn that the gang will be adopting some more disturbing survival tactics going forward. Zombie-flesh coats, anyone?




Debatably horror, but definitely fun – the (in)famous magazine Heavy Metal let everyone know this weekend that comic-book god Grant Morrison would be taking over as editor-in-chief, as well as a peek at his debut issue coming up. I’ll give you a hint: insect porn.




With the Ash vs Deadites comics taken over by publisher Space Goat, deadites this weekend got to see a sneak preview of the all-new upcoming Evil Dead titles. Groovy!




Shout-out to Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Famous Monsters of Filmland and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which, while all spooky, had nothing interesting or new to note other than having a presence at this convention.






Lucky fans got to celebrate this franchise’s 20th anniversary in style with a playable VR (that’s virtual reality, kids) demo of the newest instalment, Resident Evil 7.




With a new movie coming out on Crackle, Capcom and the Dead Rising crew discussed their 10th anniversary and the future of the franchise! Also, check out the panel for a behind-the-scenes peek at the film Dead Rising: Endgame.





The ‘Pop Culture Influence: Zombie Video Games’ gave an in-depth look on the influence and invasion of zombies in the gaming culture, and the ‘Interactive Twilight Zone and Horror VR’ panel discussed the future of horror gaming with virtual reality in the mix!


Catch you next year!

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  1. Unfortunately, Dead of Summer ended up being 'Pretty Little Liars' meets the Hall of Unlikable Characters. With the breakthrough of Bates Motel and actors not interested in portraying a superhero running to television, at least we are getting a lot of options. For every four "Pretty Little Liars' meets something (for example, in Salem they meet 1692) we do get something like American Horror Story -- and that's better than we used to have!

    PS - Sharknado was very Sharknado-ey. Somehow I feel this fad is fading.

    Nor the Great Mon, 8 Aug 2016

  2. Well, thank you sir! Nina Dobrev was in fact teased to return, for all fans reading.

    — Mr. Universe Mon, 25 Jul 2016

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