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Bloody Brodie's Top 5 Horror Video Games

Friday, 16 September 2016 · By: Bloody Brodie

For me, there’s nothing I love more than turning off the lights in a dark space and shooting some zombies (AKA quickly tapping that damn triangle button that you only get a quarter of a second to tap before you lose the opportunity to and die.) Not all of these games necessarily scared me, and I shamefully admit that not all of them are even necessarily good. Still, I really enjoyed all of these games and would definitely play each again. Here are my top five favorite horror video games.


Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a survival horror which was released for Playstation One by Konami in 1999. This game was written and directed by Keiichiro Toyama. I enjoy all the Silent Hill games in their own way, but out of all of them the first will always be my favorite. I really appreciate the survival aspect of these games, where you are left with very minimal ammo, weapons, and health -- you really have to be resourceful and careful. The idea of Silent Hill is creepy in it’s own right, and this franchise has, in my opinion, one of the creepiest Big Bads in gaming: Pyramid Head. This franchise-starting adventure is about a man who is taking his daughter on a vacation. Swerving to avoid a little girl in the road, he crashes his car and is rendered unconscious. He comes to in the ominous town of ’Silent Hill’ to find that his daughter is missing, and the objective of this game is play as this man as he searches for his daughter. This story is full of puzzles (which is always a bonus in my books) and is very good at setting an intense atmosphere. For a fairly pixelated game (hey, the outdated graphics are what they are) it is still pretty scary, with monsters that will show up when you least expect it… Just hope you can fend for yourself.

Bloody Brodie’s Rating: 8 spooky undead nurses out of 10.


Resident Evil (Director’s Cut)

This game was released in 1997 and was developed and published by Capcom,  having Shinji Mikami direct and Kenichi Iwao and Yasuyuki Saga write. The Resident Evil franchise is also built around survival horrors, and can be played on Playstation One, PC (Windows only), Sega Saturn, and Nintendo DS. This game is about duo Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine -- who work for the Special Tactics and Rescue Service -- as they respond to word received of cannibalistic attacks outside of the infamous Raccoon City. The pair ends up trapped in a mansion filled with puzzles and traps, where they must find their way out to survive. This game is also a bit older, so once again it doesn't have the greatest graphics and can be a bit clunky at times. The voice-acting is awful -- awfully funny. However, the story is pretty well-done and the puzzles are fun. While this game is not really that scary, they did remake it -- which improved on the game’s weaknesses and made it much scarier -- but I haven’t yet played much of that version. I like this game for a lot of the same reasons I like Silent Hill and Amnesia (coming up.) I’m a sucker for puzzles and for the tone of these games. I had a lot of fun playing this, and by the end I couldn’t help but pick up the next in the franchise.

Bloody Brodie’s Rating: 6 sexy pixelated Jills out of 10.


Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive, survivor-adventure horror (noticing a trend yet?) which was released in 2015 by Sony and developed by Supermassive Games. It was directed by Will Byles, and written by Graham Reznick. This video game takes place in a cabin located in Alberta, Canada, where a group of friends have not visited since a prior ‘incident’, and are coming back to move on. Little do they know, they're all awaiting a tragic and horrifying experience. I could not get enough of this game. Even though it was a pretty good length as far as gameplay time, by the end I needed more. This game also has some replay value as well, because there is several paths you can take and a bunch of things you can find that flesh out the backstory. There is also a ton of multiple endings and alternate scenes, because what you do affects and alters the story --  including who lives and who dies. I love games with multiple endings, and where the smallest, most inconsequential actions you make can have severe reactions. Even shooting a squirrel or throwing a snowball could potentially lead to a main character’s death eventually. Your decisions also alter the characters’ relationships. Not only is the story fantastic (and the characters very love-/hate-able), it is also a very well thought-out and well-written game, with some intense and emotional parts and keeping you second-guessing with curveballs every step of the way. There are some problems with it though/ For example, grabbing things and using the joystick to look at them can be a bit annoying, and this game is very cutscene-heavy and story-driven. If you aren’t a plot kind of guy/guy-ette, this one won’t be for you.

Bloody Brodie’s Rating: 9 ruined trips out of 10.


Evil Dead: Hail To The King

This game is for the Sony Playstation One, the Sega Dreamcast, and Microsoft Windows. Hail to the King was developed by Heavy Iron Studios, and was released in 2000 (or 2001, depending on what you are playing it on.) Now, I can admit that this game is quite broken. This one takes place after the Evil Dead franchise film Army of Darkness. In this game, Ash’s new girlfriend Jenny takes him back up to the cabin after he has recurring nightmares about it. She just wants to help! Little does she know, she just threw him back into a mess. Jenny is soon kidnapped, and you must (of course) fight off Deadites to get her back. The game can be quite glitchy, and is very clunky. In fact, some things make the game seem near-impossible to play. However -- after months of playing, I have found out that this game is actually beatable. Even though this game has its problems, I still really liked it. It was a ton of fun, and the setting of the game was creepy -- the proper setting for Evil Dead. If we’re just listing pros now, I also liked that just like in some of the previous entries resources are scarce. I also liked the dialogue, and enjoyed how there were (fairly simple) puzzles. Lastly, I loved that this game had the same humour as any of the movies.

Bloody Brodie’s Rating: 5 possessed pissed off hands out of 10. I really liked this game, but I can’t ignore that there is serious problems with it.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia was developed and published by Friction Games and was written by Mikael Hedberg. This is a survivor-horror game (what!? No way!) about a man who wakes up in a strange building with no memory. You are left defenseless, and only have a lighter to guide you through as you help him recall his memory. This game is first=person and full of puzzles. You also have monsters after you, but have nothing to defend yourself with except for the dark and placed to hide. This game is very intense, and with the lack of readily-available information, it keeps you playing by wanting to figure out the whole story. One of the problems with this game is that it is only pretty scary for the first little bit. Eventually you get used to the types of scares, and you see the monsters enough to no longer fear them -- they just become a nuisance and another obstacle.


Bloody Brodie’s Rating: 6.5 empty lighters out of 10


Those are my current five favorite horror video games. Now, they may not all be the best ones out there, but these are the ones I enjoyed most and made the biggest positive impact on me. Game on!

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