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Zombeavers (2014)

Monday, 26 September 2016 · By: Bloody Brodie

Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Director: Jordan Rubin

Writers: Al Kaplan, Jordan Rubin, Jon Kaplan


Tonight, we discuss the movie Zombeavers. Now, seeing as I am Canadian, I just want you to know on all my homes will be built from sheet metal. No way I’m letting some zombeaver get me! Before going into this film, I had the thought in mind: “Hey, I love shitty B- comedy horror movies!” I was not let down.

Let me introduce you to our nature-killing cast! To start off, the sexy beave... er-- women. The three leading ladies are Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm, and Lexi Atkins. Now let’s get on with the film! “Hey, whats this? He was going to move on without us?” Okay, fine. That was Hutch Dano, Jake Weary, and Peter Gilroy -- the bad boys of the movie. We also get special cameos of John Mayer and Bill Burr.


Zombeavers is about a group of teenageers who go out to a cabin, but then are ravaged by rabid (and strangely intelligent) zombie beavers.


Now to tell you about some of the toxic problems of this movie. I do have to point out that I acknowledge there is some intentional ‘supposed-to-look-like-poor-filmmaking’ problems with this movie that are there to add to the humour. However, I did have a problem with the CGI, and some of the practical effects. For example, near the beginning of the film two truck drivers hit a deer. When one goes out to take a look, you see gore and viscera falling off the truck. The guts are very clearly CGI and not very real looking at all. Was this necessary? Then later, with the first beaver you see the audio wasn’t very great. It sounded like whoever was doing the zombeaver sounds was way too close to the mic with no pop screen, causing audio distortion. They didn’t seem to feel it was necessary to turn the audio down for that sound when they added it to the movie; It was very loud and overpowered the rest of the audio. I was also not a big fan of Hutch Dano’s acting. At times it was alright, but mostly something about it felt kind of off. The rest of the actors nailed it, thoigh.

Normally, things like the beavers not looking remotely real, being very clearly glitchy robots, or dangling from strings would fall in my problem section. Quite honestly, in this case I will be putting these in what I liked about this movie. This is what made this movie fun to watch! The fact that they did not take themselves seriously was what made this movie. There was also one well-done detailed transformation scene which is probably the entirety of the CG and makeup budget. I had also quite enjoyed the dialogue in this movie. Bill Burr and John Mayer’s (presumably) improvised lines were not only intriguing, but also quite hilarious. I would love to see more of those characters, but quite honestly I feel if they were in it any more it would wreck the show and lose their appeal.


I thought this movie was quite funny and quite interesting to see, but I highly suggest watching this movie with a group of good frineds as opposed to alone. The characters are great and interesting and the writing was pretty good for what it was. I would give Zombeavers 6 hairy beavers out of 10.

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