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Hi! I’m Chantel, also known as Channy Dreadful (the head-mistress of this website), and I am one creepy ghoul hailing from a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada. I am a semi-regular podcast voice, frequenting several podcasts -- with the first being Dead as Hell Horror Podcast, and as well on the likes of The Resurrection of Zombie 7, Land of the Creeps and Whedonverse Podcast. Horror-movie-wise, I prefer movies that dabble in the paranormal as well as demonic possession films. These ones get under my skin the most and if done correctly they can also linger in the back of my mind for several days. I also enjoy slashers -- the classics, mostly -- with killers such as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and my personal favourite Ghostface. I spend most of my free time (aside from watching horror films) reading and collecting comic books, which has been one of my favourite pastimes since I was just a little batling. I have also been a professional paranormal investigator with several groups for the past seven or so years locally, with roots stemming from my childhood. Horror and the paranormal have always been a passion of mine, and have part of my life since I can remember. If you're interested in getting to know me further you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @channydreadful!



Hoo boy, where do I begin? Let's go back to when my mother had a few too many and went home with my… maybe that’s a bit too far back. I'll just stick to a bio. Aside from watching and writing about horror movies, I co-host a podcast called Blind Buy: A Bargain Bin Adventure where we blindly review the kinds of movies that hide their shameful faces at the bottom of bargain bins at discount stores. I can also be found writing horror shorts, two of which can be found on the No Sleep subreddit community. My favorite horror movie theme or trope would have to be anything to do with cults or found-footage. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and a nice hot cup of Joe. My ideal first date would be to go on a spontaneous adventure and... whoops, wrong About Me section.


Did you see some nifty artwork on the website? Notice a spelling or grammatical error that was left uncorrected? Read an occasional article about the positive correlation between horror and all-organic butter lettuce (and believe me, it's a rich topic)? Chances are, Mr. Universe had a hand in it. I was not born an editor or a graphic designer, but rather chosen by the horror gods (and/or my longtime girlfriend Channy Dreadful) to fulfill my destiny on Despite finding the horror genre a 'sometimes food' and being generally busier than Linnea Quiggley at a horror convention, you can expect the occasional review, listicle or essay from yours truly from time to time. As for preferences, I appreciate horror movies that tend to break the mould, do their historical or mythological research, or make me laugh or feel icky dumb feelings. If you want to hear or see more of my rantings or ravings, you can follow me on Twitter at @JordanRolufs or check out my podcast reviewing Joss Whedon at @whedoncast or at Keep it creppy, folks! [INTENTIONAL TYPO - IRONIC BECAUSE HE'S THE EDITOR. CUE LAUGHTER. FADE TO BLACK.]

Hey there! My name is Kenton, and I made the site. That means if something breaks, it's all my fault! When I'm not making websites, I'm blogging over at Kenton de Jong Travel, where I blog about my journeys around the world. I've been to some pretty cool locations like New York and Paris, but also some pretty messed up places like Chernobyl and Auschwitz. Feel free to check it out after you're done reading Channy Dreadful's site, of course!


Fledgling writer and contributor Charles Scott cut his horror canines on Alfred Hitchcock anthologies, Stephen King novels and any paranormal, cryptzoological or ufology books he could find in a library. Once he got his hands on a video rental card (you can Google that, kiddies) he began gorging on a never-ending glut of horror. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) is held in the highest esteem by Scott with such gems as Mr. Frost (1990), Lair of the White Worm (1988), Dagon (2001), and The Invisible Man (1933 - apologies to Mr. Chase) following close behind. Charles has a special affinity to Hammer horror, as well as any movie featuring OG "Dark Lord" - SATAN! (See the First Power (1990) and The Devil Rides Out (1968).) First and foremost, Charles Scott is a bloody loon with the attention span of a demonic squirrel on PCP, expect frequent and random departures from his true crime scribblings on Dreadful Reviews!




Hello there. My name is Durell. Quite a unique name, if I say so myself. Which I just did. I have knowny Channy Dreadful, Bloody Brodie and Mr. Universe for quite a while. I hope you will find my reviews interesting and thoughtful. I am a lover of horror and fantasy, and I find horror to be a very important part of life. It fascinates me to explore fear and be able to find what frightens me. I look forward to entertaining your mind as I review what entertains mine.




I’m Andrew, a British expat librarian in the U.S. I’m a keen horror enthusiast and lover of the macabre. Horror is my passion and I’m always looking for the next scare. Book-wise, I like a wide variety of horror. My favorite author is Clive Barker. It was his collection The Books of Blood that ignited my passion for horror. Movie-wise, I especially love the campy movies of the 70s and 80s, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento and the ilk. I like to help spread the word about horror authors and their titles.

My site is I also write reviews for Scream Horror Magazine. Follow me on Twitter @thebooksofblood or